Trip to Japan and Martial Arts

Aikido - Fushimi Inari Taisha

100% personalized travels to discover Japan and practice Japanese  Martial Arts

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Training Martial Arts in Japan

Kendo - Kendo experience

Practice Japanese Martial Arts 1 month or more in a tradicional dojo in Japan

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About Entrenar en Japón

We are a couple who thanks to the collaboration of the Japanese government could live in Japan and discover the Japanese culture through Kendo and Kobudo.

Martial arts are very popular in Europe. Who didn’t practice Karate or Judo in their childhood? But through our experience, we realized that traditional training in Japan allows us to connect with the very roots of budo.

Our goal: Eliminate cultural barriers and create strong ties with all of those who love martial arts and japanese masters.

If you want to live an unique experience and training martial arts in Japan, contact us.


Why practice in Japan?

We personalize your trip so you enjoy 100% training and 0% worrying.

  • Learn with a true japanese master.
  • Know Japan in a very particular way.
  • Buy all your martial arts material.
  • Raise your dojo’s status.


  • Choose a location and we contact with dojos in the area, arrange required permits and your training schedule.
  • We take care of your housing for the stay period.
  • Worried about the language? No problem! An expert Japanese guide will always be with you so communication is never an issue.
  • Reduced groups with a minimum required level in martial arts.

We have many years of experience so you always get the best guidance  

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Here you find an impression of our former visits to Japan.

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